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Do you know about seamless yoga pants?

Yoga pants are known to be tight-fitting and comfortable to wear. They were first made of nylon mixed with spandex fabric, using a four-needle, six-thread stitching technique for maximum comfort.

As technology evolved, brands wanted to make a breakthrough in comfort, and seamless yoga pants were born.

Due to different habits and callings, there are two types of what are widely called seamless yoga pants in the market today.

1. Seamless machine knitted yoga pants

Technically speaking, the yoga pants made by seamless machine are the real seamless yoga pants.

Just like socks are knitted by machines, this kind of yoga pants that are knitted by machines are produced with a basic shape already, while the production of traditional yoga pants needs to go through plate-making, cutting, sewing, etc.

When producing with a seamless machine, an experienced master is needed to pre-set the size, pattern and other information in the machine’s system. The choice of which yarn to produce is also related to the quality and molding effect of the final product.

Generally speaking, the master will produce one or two sample garments after the operation to check whether the quality of seamless yoga pants is up to standard, whether they are comfortable to wear, etc. Only when the quality inspection is up to standard will mass production be arranged.

This is a picture of seamless machines

It is also because the quality inspection at the beginning of production takes longer time and the utilization rate of yarn, etc. that manufacturers generally have certain requirements on the minimum order quantity for the production of seamless yoga pants.

Lalaloga, as a manufacturer of high-end yoga pants, uses British Coats yarns for our seamless yoga pants, and many styles use high quality spandex, or Lycra. Therefore, our seamless yoga pants have been highly recognized by our customers. We also appreciate the trust and support of our customers.

2. yoga pants without stitching at the crotch

Although not as widely known as seamless woven yoga pants, there are a few brands that call yoga pants with no seams in the crotch seamless yoga pants.

The reason why the absence of stitching at the crotch is highly valued is because it can effectively avoid embarrassment during exercise, and some manufacturers will also call the stitching at the crotch an embarrassment line.

Like seamless machine-made yoga pants, yoga pants without seams in the crotch are also designed for maximum comfort during exercise.

In order to let customers understand the importance of this feature, some brands simply make them seamless yoga pants.

Lalaloga also produces seamless yoga pants without crothch line, and these are consistently the highest selling yoga pants, and they are also available in the widest range of colors. Customers are welcome to take samples and try them on, so you won’t be disappointed.

To sum up, there are two kinds of seamless yoga pants, the first one is widely known as the yoga pants with seamless machine knitting; the second one is the yoga pants with no stitching at the crotch. No matter which kind of seamless yoga pants, they are all designed for maximum comfort.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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