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How to identify a pair of yoga pants is high quality

this picture is different color yoga pants

Now yoga pants are very popular between people. No matter if you want to do some strength training, or yoga practice, jogging, yoga pants would be a good choice.

But there’s many products out there, people may not know how to judge a good one. Well, hope below points help you for your purchasing.

Feel the fabric

A high quality pair yoga pants, the fabric should be very light & soft, you can almost feel nothing when you put it on. This is a very important issue to judge a good quality yoga pants.

Check with several suppliers, and choose the most soft one, at least you can feel very comfortable when you work out.

Check the sewing quality

For different supplier, sewing can be very much different.

Since yoga pants are usualy flat lock sewing, so it’s important to check if the sewing is smooth & stright, if there’s any extra thread within the sewing line.

Sewing quality depends on 2 issues: 1. the sewing machine quality; 2. the experience of a worker. So a good sewing pants should come out from a very good quality factory, and it’s one of the tips to judge if the yoga pants are high quality or not.

Wash it if it’s possible

If the condition allows, wash the yoga pants you have.

There’s two points you should take attention: 1. whether the fabric is fading; 2. whether the fabric is filling. These two points are very important to judge a high quality yoga pants.

Try on to check pattern

Most people may have known it, but it’s also worth to mention.

One of the most important points to judge a high quality yoga pants, is to check if it helps to show your body.

For example, if you have a good butt, will it help to show it. Also, if you are a little over weight, does it help to cover your belly.

A good factory should have pattern master, who can make the most suitable pattern for a yoga pants.

Now you know how to define a good yoga pants, why don’t you go and pick your favorite? If any question, leave it to the comments, and we will answer it.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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