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How to judge if a yoga wear supplier is good?

Market research shows that the yoga wear market still has huge potential and is expected to peak in 2026.
Some of you may want to jump at this popular market. The first step to start a yoga wear business is to find a suitable yoga wear manufacturer, so do you know how to judge whether a supplier is suitable for you and can work together for a long time?

Here is a list of basic information to determine whether a yoga wear supplier is worth working with.

Quality Standard

When you first contact a yoga wear supplier, the first thing you must be concerned about is the quality of his products.
One of the drawbacks of the initial yoga pants is that they are easy to pilling, and even a big brand like Lululemon has such a problem with the fabric. With this comes the question of whether they will be transparent, whether they are anti-squat, etc.
Therefore, judging the quality is the first element of cooperation. Yoga wear should not simply pursue the cheap price, but also should have the minimum quality assurance.

Production qualification

Some people think that the production of yoga clothes is simple, as long as there are four needles and six threads machines, they can carry out the production.
However, the quality of the production depends on the control of each link of the production. For example, whether the fabric inspection machine is efficient, whether the cutting machine is fully automatic, and whether the production line is hanging. All of these will affect the quality of the product produced good or bad.
A simple way to judge is to see if the yoga wear supplier has passed the ISO 9001 production standard.

Whether there is a stock reserve

The availability of stock is also a very important factor, which tells us two signals.
First, the yoga wear manufacturer is risk resistant. Unlike OEM manufacturers, those who have stock in reserve support customers to buy in small quantities, so they don’t have the risk of pressure, and they don’t have the pressure of liquidity. In fact, the risk is borne by this yoga wear supplier.
Secondly, this yoga wear supplier has complete confidence in his own products. He is confident that his products will be liked and accepted by the market, so he will have a very large quantity and style of stock in reserve for his customers to choose from.

How about monthly productivity

A new yoga wear supplier, especially one that is still in the testing market stage, is not going to upgrade its production line easily. Therefore, if a yoga wear supplier has a high monthly production volume, there is no need to doubt that it must have been working in the industry for a long time and has its own customer base. This is also an important basis to judge whether a yoga wear supplier is worth a long-term cooperation.

If you are positioning yourself as a high end brand and want to be in the high end market, then the supplier you are working with also needs to pay attention to the following aspects.

Whether there is cooperation with brands

Working with a good brand is a valuable experience because it will lead to a great improvement in design, market understanding and pattern making.
If a yoga wear supplier has worked with a major brand, it can be assured of the fabric and fitting.

Whether there is investment in fabric research and development

As we all know, the core technology of yoga wear lies in the fabric. Most manufacturers buy their fabrics from the market, and the quality varies from high to low.
However, if the yoga wear supplier has its own fabric production and research and development, it means that the manufacturer has very high requirements for quality. And over time, the quality can be seen to improve.

As a high-end Chinese yoga wear manufacturer, Lalaloga has a well-established production system with a production volume of 100,000 pieces per month. At the same time, we pay great attention to fabric development and production, our fabrics are made of British Coats thread, Lycra, 3A antibacterial fabrics as raw materials.

Also aiming to solve the initial pilling problem of yoga wear, we have introduced advanced equipment and do our own anti-pilling test and pass it. All of our 6 common fabrics have got the trade mark and we are still doing the research and development of fabrics continuously.

At present, most of our customers are from USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, etc. Many of them are famous brands, welcome to visit our company.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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