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Is the sports bra suitable for daily wear?

Sports have become an integral part of people’s lives. Most people are used to practicing yoga or working out after work or on weekends.
If a sports bra is suitable for everyday wear, it will greatly facilitate people’s daily life.
So, is a sports bra really suitable for everyday wear? The answer is yes, but you have to pick the right one, for example, a medium-intensity sports bra is perfect.

How do we usually pick sports bras?

Brands are advising us to pick different sports bras according to different types of sports. Because different sports, it will vary in intensity, and manufacturers will consider comfort and support to a great extent when selecting fabrics.
It is worth noting that the comfort and support of the fabric cannot be satisfied at the same time. The fabric with strong support will have a certain sense of pressure on the human body; while the fabric with strong comfort will have slightly less support performance.
Therefore, as a manufacturer, we need to understand the end-use scenario of the end user to decide which fabric and style is more suitable.

Low-intensity sports bras

Yoga, jogging, and other sports are often considered low-intensity sports. When selecting fabrics, we often use more comfortable fabrics because the support needs are not high. The more common fabric composition is 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. It is best to choose a trusted brand, because even though the composition is the same, the quality will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

this is an example of low intensity sports bra
Low intensity sports bras

Medium-intensity sports bras

For running, aerial yoga, dance, etc., we think it needs the fabric to have a certain support for the body, and at the same time have certain requirements for comfort. Because when designing bras for this type of sports, we take a compromise approach to meet both support performance and comfort. This type of sports underwear often uses: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex. because more content of spandex can increase the support of the fabric.

This is an example of middle intensity sports bras
middle intensity sports bras

High-intensity sports bras

For strength training, aerobics, etc., the bra needs to have very high support for the body due to the high range of motion. Therefore, comfort is often sacrificed in favor of as much support performance as possible. High-intensity sports bra will have a certain sense of pressure on the body, it is not very comfortable.

This is an example of high intensity sports bras
high intensity sports bras

Comprehensive analysis of the above, medium intensity sports bra is more suitable for daily wear. For the sake of women’s health, the bra is required to have a certain level of support that will not lead to various breast diseases. At the same time, because it has to be worn all day, comfort is also one of the very important factors. Medium strength sports bra can meet both support and comfort, is very perfect for daily wear bra.

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