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2022 new collection Lalaloga pleated design sports bra five color available factory bulk sale

Lalaloga newly developed women sports bra, with 5 colors options. It’s pleated with cross back design, meanwhile, since it’s made by high quality fabrics, it feels like very comfort as second skin.

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80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Fabric Weight



10, 4, 6, 8

Color Option

Black, Brown, Green, Light Pink, Strawberry



Product Details

Lalaloga 2022 Sports Bra Introduction

This is Lalaloga 2022 newly developed sports bra for Spring & Summer. It’s pleated design, helps for slight support of body, while stay elegance at the same time.

Since we are a manufacturer over 10 years experience, we mainly do bulk sale. Meanwhile, to help customers develop their market, we support small quantity in the beginning, so customers can test their market & our quality, service at the same time.

This sports bra is now available in five colors, samples can be provided once it’s needed.

Sports Bra Color Options

strawberry, brown, green, light pink, black

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