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Tips for finding the right yoga pants

this picture is a girl doing yoga pose

As we know, yoga pants are like second skin, it’s super soft and comfortable. People like to wear it, also because it’s very stretchable and moisture wicking, they can start to workout any minute they want.

But some people don’t share these advantage the first they wear these, main reason is because they didn’t buy a fitting one.

How to know if pants are fitting? Well, below tips might give you a guidance.

Check if it’s 4 way stretch fabric

Fabric is a very important point to choose a fitting leggings. Some materials such as polyester mix spandex might deform very quickly. Also, if there’s no much spandex in the fabric, it won’t stretch out.

Since you cannot be professional as us manufacturer, just remenber to choose a 4 way stretch fabric. It’s good for any movements, such as squate and knee bending.

Technically speaking, a 4 way stretch fabric should contains much spandex, which should be high quality as well.

Choose high waist style

A high waist yoga pants can be protective when we are working out. It can give support to our body, which can be helpful when are doing exercise such as strength training, professional yoga poses etc.

High waist style is also a different between yoga pants & traditional leggings. Yoga pants are always more right, more supportive. and to be surprised, it’s more slight.

So it’s good to start your yoga pants with high waist. When you are quite familiar with it, you can go for other styles.

Find a suitable size

A big notice for a fitting yoga pants is to buy a suitable size, try to avoid too big or too small. There some sizes information here, but knowing how to figure out too small or too big is also important.

When it’s too small

There’s two ways to judge if yoga pants are too small. First, check the fabric appearance. When you wear it, if the fabric is seeing through, that you can see your underwear or skin, it means it’s too small and you should go for a bigger size. Second, check if there’s wrinkling at the crotch. If yes, definitely you should size up.

When it’s too big

It’s easy to see if it’s too big. When you wear it, check if there’s any extra fabric at the crotch and legs. If you can feel a loose knee, go to a smaller size.

Do some movements

If you have done above tips, it’s most possibly you have found a fitting one, but there’s last tip, don’t miss it out. Try to do some movements, and see how it looks. A good yoga pants should be stretchable, and back in good shape once movements finished.

On the other hand, some yoga pants may be seeing through when you wear the right size, it means the fabric quality is too low. Same reason happens on yoga pants that is out of shape after some exercise.

From above information, we know that there’s many important issues you should pay attention. A low quality fabric has a seeing through problem, and not good stretch. A wrong size pants might restrict your movements, and won’t show your body.

Now you know how to choose a perfect yoga pants, maybe you can start your yoga pants journey. I am sure you gonna love it, been there.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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