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Tips for start up business from an activewear manufacturer

As an activewear manufacturer over 12 years, we have met many start-up clients and accompanied many of them as they grew into brands.

There is a lot of advice on the web to help them pick a quality supplier, and that advice has certainly led to customers meeting us. What we have found, however, is that start-up clients don’t have a lot of specialized knowledge, and because of this lack of knowledge they can’t tell if a supplier really meets their requirements.

1.Styles of activewear
When starting an activewear business, style determines the first impression consumers have of the label and whether or not they will remember you amongst the many activewear labels.

Here are some of the specialized knowledge that we, as suppliers, would like our clients to know. We hope that this sharing can help start up business to create their own business better, and at the same time can avoid spending some unnecessary time and cost.

Because style is so important, many people who are just starting out will choose to find a designer to do the design and a supplier to do the production. This is of course a very intuitive and effective way to establish the uniqueness of the business.

However, there are obvious disadvantages to this approach: 1. Higher MOQ. If there is no research on the market and consumer groups in advance, it is easy to cause a backlog of products; 2. The return of funds will be slower. Customized style from the first sample to the production completion, usually takes several months. The money and time invested in the early stage is a test for the businessman. 3. Higher risk. Independently designed styles may be in line with the businessman’s aesthetics, but whether they will be liked by the market and sought after by consumers is unpredictable.

Since independent design styles have these disadvantages, there are some business people choose another way: choose the ready made style of the activewear factory. There are some obvious advantages to this approach: 1. Smaller MOQ. Smaller order quantities mean that you can pick more styles and colors to experiment with, and the cost of trial and error is less; 2. Less risk. Experienced manufacturers will often tell which styles are hot in the market, and their advice is time-tested, so it will be more credible; 3. Faster returns with less investment. By selecting existing styles, you can get the goods very quickly, in the case of Lalaloga, you can get the goods within a month and start selling them. Because of the small order quantity, you don’t need to invest too much money.

In conclusion, whether to make customized styles or to take ready made styles depends on the capital status of the start-up businessman, his knowledge of the market and consumers, and his risk management.

Now Lalaloga has over 250 ready made styles to choose from, which are popular in the market of US, UK, AU, ZA, EU, AUE etc. Also, we provide custom styles production, with MOQ one roll of fabric.

2. Fabrics of sportswear
Currently, the fabrics of sportswear can be roughly divided into nylon fabrics, polyester fabrics and recycled fabrics.

For the advantages and disadvantages of nylon and polyester fabrics, please refer to Lalaloga’s previous article. Today we introduce recycled fabrics.

Recycled fabrics are mainly developed for environmental protection. We can extract fibers from plastic bottles, then make them into yarn, and finally into fabrics. We believe that recycled fabrics will eventually become the most utilized fabrics by big brands and manufacturers.

However, at the moment, due to the lack of maturity in technology and production, sportswear made from recycled fabrics is more expensive and fewer manufacturers will be able to provide certificates.

3. Brand Logo
As we all know, activewear, especially yoga wear, was invented for extreme comfort. Because no matter the logo or wash label, we choose the accessories that do not affect the comfort of the wearer to the greatest extent.
Heat Transfer Logo
The heat transfer logo process is very mature, and can ensure that it will not be deformed or lose its color over a long period of time. And there are many materials for consumers to choose from.

Easy Tear Label
This kind of label can be easily torn off by consumers after purchase, without affecting the comfort of wearing.

Lalaloga is currently able to offer sportswear made from recycled nylon and recycled polyester fabrics, but only in customized styles.

To summarize, what we as suppliers want consumers who are just starting out to know include: the choice of style, understanding of fabrics and the choice of logos and labels. As for other knowledge, such as pattern, print, etc., please feel free to contact us for more information.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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