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What can we learn from Lululemon’s analytics presentation?

On April 20th, 2022, Lululemon published its analysis presentation for the new year. This 164-page presentation contains very useful information, especially for companies engaged in yoga wear and sports and fitness apparel.

This picture shows a set of yoga apparel

The yoga apparel market still has a lot of potential

In this presentation, Lululemon announced that they will double their revenue within five years. This goal tells us a very obvious sign – there is a lot of potential in the yoga wear market. First of all, the awareness of yoga wear is still untapped, which means there is still a large customer base to be explored and promoted. Secondly, more and more people are exercising and working out, and more and more people are pursuing a good wearing experience.

Men’s yoga wear is slowly rising

Men’s clothing is a relatively neglected part of the yoga clothing market, but it is also a part that is slowly gaining attention. From this presentation, men’s clothing has doubled in growth in the past year. The growth will continue in the coming time.

E-commerce platform is one of the fast-growing platforms

Looking at the data, e-commerce accounts for a quarter of sales. This is mainly because the epidemic has changed people’s lifestyle, and online shopping and home exercise have become the norm. Therefore, the share of e-commerce is likely to grow in the coming time.

Good customer experience is the secret of a thriving yoga wear business

The loyalty of yoga wear customers mainly depends on whether their experience is as expected. For example, whether the fabric comfort is really different from other clothing, whether the brand community is warm enough, whether the shopping experience can do what the brand expects, etc.

All of this information is crucial for companies engaged in yoga wear or just entering the yoga wear industry.

First, this presenstation lets us know that the yoga wear industry is one that will be more worth investing in for years to come. Despite the economic downturn, it has been able to maintain good growth. The main reason for this is that the market demand for yoga wear is growing, as the number of people joining sports and exercise is gradually increasing.

Secondly, the more noteworthy markets are still in North America, Australia and Asia. The growth of yoga wear is largely due to the recognition of yoga wear by consumers. From this analysis presentation, the overall recognition of yoga wear in Europe is low, and the main markets are still concentrated in North America and Australia. Asia, on the other hand, is well worth promoting as a strong growth market.

In terms of platform, the proportion of e-commerce channel has a growing trend. Due to the new crown epidemic, people are gradually getting used to online shopping and tend to exercise more at home. Therefore, e-commerce platforms with good shopping experience and trustworthy brands and products will be crucial. Companies engaged in the yoga wear industry can improve the overall operation of their websites more to give their customers a better shopping experience.

Finally, there are two areas of concern for yoga clothing manufacturers.

First, yoga wear for men is gaining more and more attention as it is showing very good market growth. Production companies can consider developing more men’s clothing, so that the lightness and comfort of yoga wear can be well used on top of men’s clothing.

Second, fabric research and development will be an ongoing issue for production companies. As we all know, fabric has always been the core technology of yoga wear, if the production enterprise has unique fabric, it will bring more and better market for itself. At the same time, how to do a good job in the fabric at the same time, pay attention to environmental changes, will be the mainstream trend in the future. For example, many brands have already set their eyes on recyclable fabrics to show their social responsibility as a company.

Lalaloga, as a manufacturer of yoga wear, has been committed to fabric development and research and development.

This is a fabric picture with Lycra swing tag
This is a fabric that deloved by Lalaloga, it’s made by Lycra with Lycra Swing tag

At present, we have two main series of fabrics: first, the performance-oriented fabric series. This series of fabrics mainly focus on performance as the main concern, and the fabrics are divided into low strength, medium strength and high strength fabrics. The main components of the fabrics are nylon and spandex. Secondly, the fabric system that focuses on wearing experience. This series of fabrics is mainly based on the wearing experience of customers, providing a second skin-like wearing experience. The fabric composition is mainly nylon and Lycra.

This picture shows performance fabrcs
This is fabrics that developed by Lalaloga, made by nylon mix spandex. It’s performance fabrics, gives good support for body.

Since Lalaloga do both OEM/ODM service, as well as ready stock styles. Customers are welcome to contact us to get samples & fabrics swathes.

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