What has Lalaloga done to make a good Leggings?

As a professional Leggings supplier, Lalaloga has been focusing on making an excellent leggings that customers are happy with. If we look back, there’s many research & updates made, so we have what we have now.

Fabric upgrade

As we all know, the biggest drawback of yoga leggings at the beginning is the fabric pilling. In order to overcome this difficulty, Lalaloga has done a lot of fabric testing and upgrading, and finally developed the anti-pilling fabric that we are satisfied.
In order to let customers know and understand this fabric characteristic, we specially share the video of anti-pilling test. And, when each customer gets a sample of Lalaloga, we encourage them to do any test they like and keep us posted for their feedback.
It turns out that Lalaloga really did it! Non-pilling yoga wear fabric.

In addition, in order to meet the high quality demand of big brands, we import yarns from famous yarn suppliers from Italy, UK, Turkey, etc. and inject them into our self-developed fabric system. While ensuring the quality of moisture wicking, anti-pilling and strong stretching, it is really light and thin like a cloud.

Fit upgrade

Since the use of yoga pants is mainly to ensure comfort, Lalaloga initially adopted the most traditional and classic version.

With the feedback from customers and the increasing demand of usage, we made upgrades on the basis of the original classic pattern.
For example, there is customer feedback about the problem of falling down, two patterns have been made to solve this problem.
First, add the function of locking the waist. It really helps to avoid falling down problem, and it becomes popular within end customers.

Second, if the customer does not like the design of the lock waist, we have adopted a double belly design. This design made it possible to meet the maximum comfort while ensuring no falling down issue.

Later, customers told us that yoga pants should have a place to put a cell phone, so we also use two kinds of pocket design.
Double side pockets design
It can fully meet the needs of putting cell phones and daily small things.

Invisible pocket design at waist
If you think the side pocket design ruins the overall beauty of the yoga pants, don’t miss this waist invisible pocket design.

Meanwhile, there’s people think the regular yoga pants are a bit boring and not sexy enough. Well, we added the scrunch design to maximize the beauty of women’s curves and fitness achievements.

As well, flared yoga pants is always popular, cause it gives confidence no matter what leg shapes and comfort.

In order to make the yoga leggings better, we still need to do more research and development and upgrade. Every change can’t be made without the support and feedback from our customers.

We hope Lalaloga can make better yoga pants and thank our customers who have been with us, so that we can bring better products to our end customers together.

Catherine Dong
Catherine Dong
Hi, I am Catherine, marketing of Lalaloga Athletics. Let's share information for yoga apparel.

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